Here's a story of a girl,
Living in the lonely world,
A hidden note, A secret crush,
A little boy who talks too much.

Well, I'm standing in the crowd,
And when you smile I check you out,
But you don't even know my name,
You're too busy playing games,

And I want you too know,
If you lose your way,
I won't let you go.

If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me?

If I bite my lip,
If I say hello,
Will you notice me?


FeyFeyFelice / Felicio Indraswari™

Just a little girl walking in her path of life, searching for her true love, and finding a way to end in happiness.

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Lyrics of the song "Notice Me" by Zetta Bytes

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
8:11 PM

Internet merupakan jaringan komputer yang dibentuk oleh Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat di tahun 1969, melalui proyek ARPA yang disebut ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network), di mana mereka mendemonstrasikan bagaimana dengan hardware dan software komputer yang berbasis UNIX, kita bisa melakukan komunikasi dalam jarak yang tidak terhingga melalui saluran telepon. Proyek ARPANET merancang bentuk jaringan, kehandalan, seberapa besar informasi dapat dipindahkan, dan akhirnya semua standar yang mereka tentukan menjadi cikal bakal pembangunan protokol baru yang sekarang dikenal sebagai TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Tujuan awal dibangunnya proyek itu adalah untuk keperluan militer. Pada saat itu Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat (US Department of Defense) membuat sistem jaringan komputer yang tersebar dengan menghubungkan komputer di daerah-daerah vital untuk mengatasi masalah bila terjadi serangan nuklir dan untuk menghindari terjadinya informasi terpusat, yang apabila terjadi perang dapat mudah dihancurkan. Pada mulanya ARPANET hanya menghubungkan 4 situs saja yaitu Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Utah, di mana mereka membentuk satu jaringan terpadu di tahun 1969, dan secara umum ARPANET diperkenalkan pada bulan Oktober 1972. Tidak lama kemudian proyek ini berkembang pesat di seluruh daerah, dan semua universitas di negara tersebut ingin bergabung, sehingga membuat ARPANET kesulitan untuk mengaturnya. Oleh sebab itu ARPANET dipecah manjadi dua, yaitu "MILNET" untuk keperluan militer dan "ARPANET" baru yang lebih kecil untuk keperluan non-militer seperti, universitas-universitas. Gabungan kedua jaringan akhirnya dikenal dengan nama DARPA Internet, yang kemudian disederhanakan menjadi Internet. Sumber:

Will you ever notice me...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
8:20 AM

Will you ever notice me...

Monday, May 7, 2012
7:41 PM

Will you ever notice me...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
10:18 PM

On 20th April 2012, I went to Labs Recital 2012. Since my friends Nisa and Viera went to the salon first and Tya followed them, I went alone straight from my house to Usmar Ismail Hall. I arrived at Usmar Ismail at around 1:30pm, and the show started at 2pm. I called Nisa and she said she could be very late and may not be on time and I also mentioned my other friend Nada in Twitter and she said she could be late too, so I waited until 2pm and finally went in. I looked like a lost child maybe, going inside the theatre alone silently… I waited inside for more than 15 minutes in the theatre and finally the show started. I watched the show alone, Nisa and the others haven’t arrived at that time. I saw Masha, an Acceleration 2 class student playing solo piano and it was very good until I got goose bumps. The technique, the dynamics, it was very good. And then I saw Ranti, one of my close friend playing violin in an ensemble and it was very good too and it also gave my goose bumps. Although the ensemble only played some usual folk songs, it looked like a beautiful symphony that was played. After a few performances after Ranti’s ensemble performance, Nisa, Tya and Viera came and sat beside me. We watched all the shows until the break. The performances was amazing, all the performers have such a great talent. At the break, all of us met Ranti and took a break. After the break, we all went back to our seats and the show started again. Now this is the part I wanted to tell you all. It was time for a group of boys singing together and famous since their videos on Youtube called ‘Boyz II Boys’ to perform. When they performed, most of the female audiences were shouting and cheering for them. I admit it, their voices were good and angelic, I love the way all the 5 voices blend together. After three beautiful songs Boyz to Boys performed, they asked for some volunteers to go to the stage and perform together with them. Many girls raised their hands, and I also raised my hand. I wasn’t very serious raising my hand, but luckily I got chosen. When Teddy, one of the boys pointed at me, I was like, “Me?” and he was like “Yes, come here!” So I went to the stage with another two girls and we sang a song. Although I don’t remember the lyrics, I just tried to sing my best. I probably looked like an idiot. And then suddenly Teddy grab the mic I was holding and embraced me with his left hand. I got surprised and at the same time I was very happy. As the boys get closer to the girls on stage, the female audience started to shout of jealousy. It feels like I was one of the luckiest girls in the world, like the girl who went to stage with B2ST at the Beautiful Show. Before the song ended, Teddy kneeled in front of me and reached one hand to me, and I held his hand. It was so romantic and I can hear more shout of jealousy from the other female audience. And before I went back to my seat Teddy and I kiss cheek by cheek and he said, “Thank you.” I was just speechless so I smiled and went back to my seat. When I went back to my seat, my friend Viera and Nisa were like, “Felice!! Give me your cheeks!!!” and my other friend Tya was like “Don’t you know how much we screamed for you up here!?” and after the recital Nada was like “Die, Felice, die!!” Back to the performance. After Boyz II Boys performed, it was time for a group of talented instrumental players called BLP to perform. They were very good at playing the instruments; all their songs were also enjoyable, especially ‘Unity’ featuring Boyz II Boys. And then there are some more performances from the students of Labschool High School and then the show finished. Overall, Labs Recital 2012 was very enjoyable and beautiful. And what make it more unforgettable am me going up to the stage. Although it was only fanservice and there was nothing more, it was very unforgettable for me and it made me ecstatic! I can’t wait for next year’s Labs Recital!
A picture Viera took when I came to stage. Too bad it is blurry..

Will you ever notice me...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
6:58 AM

Will you ever notice me...

Monday, March 5, 2012
6:38 PM

Will you ever notice me...

Monday, February 20, 2012
6:39 PM

Will you ever notice me...